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Interested in looking for the best hair patch service in jaipur? You are at the right place. We are experts in providing Hair patch service in Jaipur. Diamond Hair Fixing is a popular salon in Jaipur for providing hair patch service. Hair Patch is an art and the most convenient way to treat the area of baldness.Nowadays Hair loss is a very big issue for everyone which may lead to embarrasment to the people. This issue will lead people into depression and they lose their confidence in public. Both the male, female can be seen suffering from hair loss issues.

A Hair Patch is the most affordable way to overcome the problem of baldness.Hair wig/patch is a cap-shaped patch made up of natural hair which is used to cover the bald area.

Hair patch is the best and cost-effective treatment of hair loss. When hair growth is not possible from medicines and a person can’t afford to go for hair transplantation, a hair wig/patch is the safest and easiest solution. Using a hair patch is an excellent way to cover up bald spots and give yourself a fuller, more natural-looking head of hair.

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Difference between Hair Wig and Hair Patch

The main difference between a hair wig and hair patch is the amount of coverage each provides. A wig covers the entire head, whereas a hair patch only covers a small bald area. When you wear a wig, all of your natural hair is removed so that the wig can fit snugly on your head, however, when you wear a hair patch, your natural hair is not removed. 

In some cases, you may need to get a small amount of your hair cut so that the patch can be applied properly.

Hair patch treatment

Hair Patch Color, Shape, Size, and Quality

At Diamond Hair Fixing, our experienced team of professionals make the Best Hair patch in Jaipur using top-quality monofilament, PU base, and Knotted hair. 


The hair patch is mainly used to cover up the bald area in a manner that goes undetected by others on the head. Therefore it can be customised by our experts as per the requirement. The hair patch is generally available in 3 colours i.e. light brown, dark brown, and black. 


The Size of the hair patch is designed to fit the client’s head exactly. Therefore, it is available in many sizes. For the Male Hair patch in Jaipur, the length of the hair will be 6 to 9 inches.


Hair patches come in many shapes. Our team of experts will measure the bald area on the head and depending upon the size of the scalp, different kinds of hair patches are selected to best suit the client.

How to apply a hair patch: Diamond Hair Fixing

When you come to our salon for a hair patch consultation, our experts team measures the size of your baldness and after that a suitable hair patch will be provided to customers. Before applying the hair patch in hairs, it is cut according to the measured area of baldness. The place is cleaned firstly where the hair patch has to be fixed. However, the rest of the area for example: the sides and back of the head is left untouched. Then the hair patch is cut and can be applied in the area by two methods as per the client requirement.

Benefits Of Best Hair Patch Service in Jaipur.

  • Low-cost technique
  • The desired hairstyle achieved
  • Painless procedure of Hair treatment
  • When needed can wear or remove.
  • No suture or cut is required.
  • For applying, not much time is required, it just takes 1-2 hrs.

FAQs related to Hair Patch Service in Jaipur

Ans : Our experts advise hair wash maximum once or twice in a week.

Ans: Hair patch remains longer than 6-12 months based on quality.

Ans 3:  Everyday shampoo is a daily wash shampoo for hair patch users

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