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As we know nowadays hair extension is a very trending treatment where everyone is looking for. For this treatment everyone is searching for the best saloon where they can easily take treatment at cost-effective prices. So we bring hair extensions service in Jaipur at our salon without any extra charges.

Hair extensions is a commonly known treatment and people need this treatment when they are suffering from baldness or want thick or long hairs. Our Hair extensions service in Jaipur is recommended by everyone for any kind of Hair Treatment. Diamond Hair Fixing is the best saloon for both men and women hair treatment. At our salon, we offer various types of hair extensions for both men and women, including I-Tip, Layered, Clip-In, Tape, and hair toppers. Extensions can be attached using clips, adhesives/bonds, wefts, plaits, weaves or loops – each with their own requirements for attaching, maintaining and removal procedures.

We offer virgin Remy hair extensions service in Jaipur which is similar looking as natural hair and is easy to maintain like natural hairs. These hair extensions look like 100% human hair extensions. Our hair extensions naturally blend or combine with original hair and the best thing is you can easily wash and styled according to your need. We can also add coloured hair streaks with our colourful hair extensions to get amazing look

How can you Choose the right type of hair extensions Service for your hair ?

At our saloon We offer free and professional consulting to decide what type of hair extensions suit your hair.  We check several factors like:

  • we will check your scalp, for any cuts, infection or infestation
  • originals hair’s texture, colour, strength and elasticity,
  • length, width and density of hair,
  • any signs of broken hair,
  • any allergic reaction to adhesives,
  • oiliness of hair,
  • traction alopecia
  • shape of your head
long hair extension

First we check that your original hair is straight, straight or curly. For Straight and Wavy hairs, any type of hair extension is suitable with matching textures. Curly and very curly hair can be delicate and prone to tangling. So, we need to take extra care for curly hairs during the fixing procedure,while detangling and sectioning the original hairs and matching the hair extensions to textures.

Hair Extensions service for short hair, style changing of hairs, options are limited. Minimum length is required to support lengthy hair extensions. When choosing hair extensions, it’s important to keep in mind the weight of the extensions in relation to the amount and weight of your natural hair. If you have short hair, you’ll want to make sure the extensions aren’t too heavy and will be able to be supported by your natural hair. The same goes for those with fine or sparse hair, as these types of hair are much more fragile and can be easily damaged. In general, it’s best to choose light-weight extensions for both short and fine hair.

Those people who have excessive oily hair have reduced bonding ability with hair  extensions. For short term hair extensions are advised for them. Your choice of hair extension depends upon whether you want short term or long term extensions. This hair extension service is in demand because you can apply on both hairs i.e. long and short hairs both.

Permanent hair extensions price

Cost of I-Tip hair extensions relies upon the wide variety of Tufts required. We provide lengths upto 20 to 24 inches of Keratin treated Virgin Human hair I-Tip hair extensions. You will have 25 tufts, 50 tufts or even greater than 100 tufts for appropriate volume primarily based on your requirement. One Tuft of I-tip hair extension fees Rs.350/-.

Hair Extensions Price

The Layered hair extensions price starts from Rs.4500/- for a single extension. Hair extensions price also depends on length, density and no. of layers required. Natural Human hair extensions are more costlier and durable than synthetic fibre extensions. You can call us to know more about hair extension details.

Maintenance of Hair Extensions

Our team of hair extensions experts removed and reattached the extension professionally, at least every 3 months. As your natural hair grows, you’ll need to adjust the length of your extensions accordingly. To do this, simply push the extension back up towards your scalp and re-clamp the micro ring shut.  After removal of hair extension, the original hair is washed, shampooed and condioned to confirm that there is no residue left from removal solution and clean the head of products. 

By this way we make sure that your hairs and scalp are clean  and prepared for the next service. Regular maintenance is required for hair extension to maintain the healthy condition of your hairs. By this way it will ensure hair is tangle free and will help in longevity of hair extensions.

Hair Extensions for different needs

At our Diamond Hair Fixing salon. We offer various types of Hair extension service which are given as follows:

  1. hair extensions for short hair
  2. hair extensions for thin hair
  3. colourful hair extensions
  4. ponytail hair extensions
  5. hair extensions for braids
  6. extensions for highlighted hair
  7. bangs hair extensions
  8. clip in hair extensions
  9. hair topper extensions
  10. hair extensions streaks
  11. hair extensions for men
  12. fringe hair extensions
  13. plait hair extensions etc.

FAQ related to Hair extension service at Jaipur

  1. Use the exact Type of Hair Extensions Matching Your Daily Routine.
  2. Use exact Shade in Accordance with Your Natural Hair. 
  3. The main focus should be on quality. 

Ans 2: Glue and tape extensions last around four to eight weeks, sew-in extensions should be replaced every six to eight weeks and micro-link extensions last up to four months.

Ans 3: Using Hair oils are absolutely beneficial to your hair as well as to your extensions when applied at the midshaft all the way to the tips. So do hair oiling daily.

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